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Unlock the true potential of your dream space with Bali Property Construction’s exceptional architectural design services. Our expert team of architects is dedicated to transforming your vision into awe-inspiring reality.

Discover your dream property with Bali Property Construction’s premier property sales services. We specialize in connecting you with the perfect piece of paradise in Bali.

Gala Design and Planning

Takes an integrated approach to design and planning. This means better innovation, expertise, high-quality, safety, experience, communication and efficiency – your project
is successfully completed on-time and within budget. Our architects and engineers offer these solutions:
1. Site Planning and Conceptual Design
2, Architecture Design and Structural Engineering Analysis ,
3. Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering
We use Lean Design Principles and BIM (3D) technology to reach that goal. These tools allow us to develop our designs quickly with increased efficiency. For our clients, this means reduced cost and faster results attract.You can mention some contact details as shown below to get in touch with visitors.

Design Construction Services

Construction solutions include general contracting and construction services that accompany our design-build projects. As a quality and schedule-driven company, We seeks efficiencies in the preconstruction and construction phases of every project. We understand that efficiencies save time and money. Whether we’re partnering with your A/E firm or our own designers, architects and engineers, Our team includes a preconstruction department and construction experts with vast experience.

We perform a detailed analysis of your requirements, restrictions and the environment to come up with high quality and efficient in cost. We assure our design and build process are addressed to meet our client’s expectation.

Overview of Sketch Design

An example of the layout of all the houses

Example of a shop room on the 1st floor

Exemple of a shop room o the 2nd floor

Review map example

Map example

Example of a 1st floor house layout

Portofolio Kami

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