Personal Profile

I am grateful to God for giving me such blessings with my company. Thank you to everybody: My family for their effort, our staff for their loyalty, professionalism and their reliability. Thank you for supporting me as I have expanded my company. After twelve years of experience in construction we have faced good and bad, and have encountered and overcome many problems and crossroads. They have given me important life lessons which I have used to develop myself and my company further. Through the years, I have dealt with all kinds of clients with many specific needs, preferences and personalities. When combining their vision with my own, our most important rule underlying our company is to always adhere to the client's needs. We try to inspire them with other elements we are skilled in such as: art, science , experience and technology. Functionality is key. ith such great responsibility, we minimize potential problems with our clients through clear communication and high dedication-the client comes first. Our mission is to gain a successful result and a happy client who is satisfied with our service, reliability and professionalism. Thank you to everyone involved, and thank you for choosing us.

Company Profile

Gala is a construction company which provides services such as new buildings, interior renovation, exterior design as well as landscaping. Established in 2003 by expert designers, we as a team create unique designs such as: Minimalist, tropical living, modern as well as Balinese style. All of which are intrinsically infused with the Tri Hita Karana concept which involves:

-The relationship between Human and God
-The relationship between Humans and Humans
-The relationship between Humans and their surroundings.
The most important service however is to comply with out client's needs and keep within their budget.